The record for most home runs in a single season by a rookie is held by Mark McGwire and that number is 49. He hit those 49 home runs in 1987. If Aaron judge stays on this pace he will hit no less than 54 and break the record.

Listen, I know HR pacing conversations are ridiculous. The facts are the guy could get injured and he could go into a long slump. To expect him to keep this pace is especially nuts because he's a rookie. He's a baby in baseball and we already have built in expectations for him.

Whatever happens, whatever his HR total ends up being you have to consider his rookie season a huge success already. If the season ended today he has done his fair share and the share of a few others.

Now if we could just clone him a few times over maybe the Bombers could put another winning streak together. They need to do that to get back some of the cushion they had in the AL East from early in the year.


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