Aaron Judge has brought me so much joy. As a Yankee fan, I am delighted that he is on my team. The guy is the brightest star in a field full of bright young stars. Red Sox fans already hate him, he puts up monster numbers, and carries himself like a young Derek Jeter.

So, what could Aaron Judge possibly do to break my heart? Well, a picture of him has surfaced wearing a Red Sox t-shirt, that's what!

It's obviously an older picture of him before he was a Yankee slugger, but it's still too much, man. This must be what it feels like for Boston fans to see Tom Brady strolling around Manhattan wearing a Yankee cap. It hurts worse than the time I sat on my goods and my services. This is worse than when I got a flaming ping-pong ball fused to my skin. This hurts worse than the time I ate my weight in chicken wings at Kelly's Corner. Do better, Aaron Judge.

If you want to see the photo of Judge wearing the Red Sox t-shirt, you can find it for yourself. I would not put that in this blog, simply because it makes me sick to look at.

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