According to AAA, Nearly 113 Million Americans will be getting in the car and traveling on U.S. Roadways this holiday season.

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That is almost 4 million more people than last year, and the figure gets American travelers almost all the way back to PRE-COVID-19 travel numbers. In CT, we will see an estimated 30% of our residents hitting the road for the 2022 holidays, according to FOX 61. 


But AAA has advice on how to reduce some of your travel pain. Each year, they share their suggestions for the best and worst times to travel for each day of the holiday. I'll share with you the worst times to travel and you can figure the rest out on your own.

  • Friday, December 23rd  - Worst time: 4-7 pm
  • Saturday, December 24th - Worst time: Noon-6 pm
  • Sunday, December 25th - Worst time: NO BAD TIME - Minimal traffic expected
  • Monday, December 26th - Worst time: 2-6 pm
  • Tuesday, December 27th - Worst time: 3-7 pm
  • Wednesday, December 28th - Worst time: 3-7 pm
  • Thursday, December 29th - Worst time: 3-7 pm
  • Friday, December 30th: Worst time: 3-7 pm
  • Saturday, December 31 - Worst time: NO BAD TIME - Minimal Traffic expected
  • Sunday, January 1 - Worst time: NO BAD TIME - Minimal Traffic expected
  • Monday, January 2 - Worst time: 4-7 pm

AAA says they expect "the most congested days on the road to be Friday before Christmas, December 27 and 28, and on Monday, January 2, as travelers mix with commuters."

If the increased volume were not enough, travelers can expect winter weather this weekend with multiple media outlets calling for a major snowstorm. USA Today said:

“Pretty much everyone, at least east of the Rockies, is going to feel the effects of it in one form or another – whether it's rain, snow, wind or colder temperatures."

They specified that the news gets a bit better for us on the East Coast, saying:

"The storm is expected to result in mostly rain and wind across the Ohio Valley and along the East Coast in cities such as Washington, D.C., New York City, Philadelphia and Boston on Thursday and Friday."

Frigid, wet conditions are not ideal for travel but it's better than a foot of snow.

We talked about this on the I-95 Morning Show on Wednesday (12/21/22), listen below.

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