I was outside grilling at my place last weekend when I heard my neighbor scream like someone had just punched his kid. It scared the hell out of me, and I looked over to see why he was so frightened. A snake had slithered out from underneath some rocks that he was moving around. I waddled over and saw that it was just a little Gartersnake, and it was staying still, hoping that we wouldn't hurt it. My neighbor was worried that the snake was poisonous, and he was petrified that he was going to get bitten. Obviously snakes have a terrible reputation, but this little guy was harmless. I knew it was a Gartersnake because I love reptiles, I've always been fascinated with them, and I've seen quite a few over the years, they are Connecticut's most common snake.

My neighbor didn't fully believe that it was harmless, and started Googling rattlesnakes and cobras trying to match the snake with an image on his phone. It got me thinking, maybe you don't recognize that Hog-Nosed Snake in Southbury, or the Rat Snake that you see in the field in Southington. Connecticut is home to 14 different species of snakes, and only two of them are venomous. So, I gathered up a photo of each of the 14 species of snakes that can be found here in the Nutmeg State.

A Visual Guide to the Snakes of Connecticut

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