According to everyone in media Alex Rodriguez has a bright future in broadcasting. When you are in broadcasting it's important to takes notes as you go. You want little bullets that will stand as a reminder of things you need or want to say. Hopefully Alex did not work all of his notes into the broadcast.

Why do I say that? Because half of the right page of his notebook was dedicated to babies and birth control. What did they say? This:


  • Birth Control
  • Baby
  • Pull out stuff

Here's the actual photo of A-Rod's notes posted to Twitter. Well, all I can seem to come up with here is that while A-Rod is in his 40's, you are never too old to learn stuff, even "pull out stuff." What I would tell him, if I had his phone number is that "pull out stuff" is not exactly an iron clad, scientific way to go about avoiding certain situations. Stick with the first of your three bullet items Alex. That's the safest bet and best of luck to you with your current, possible situation.

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