A group of crows is called a murder. I don't know what you call it when a metric F--- ton of crows appear in the sky, but that is what happened in Waterbury and thankfully one of those humans were there to document it with their nifty phone.

Hundreds of crows roosting in Waterbury from r/Connecticut

After a video is taken it must be uploaded to the web by the previously mentioned person. If they don't upload the video within 48 hours, they are apprehended by Federal agents, whisked off to a grimy basement and beaten to within an inch of their life. OK, that's not true. But if you've ever seen my Youtube page, it certainly appears that way.

Luckily, a person (u/RAS310) did upload it to America's toilet, Reddit. Here is how Reddit responded to birds.

Why do crows gather in such large numbers and caw? I checked a few different resources and in the end I settled on information from worldbirds.org, at least it sounds like they have the potential to know what the hell they are talking about.

World Birds comes right out and says they are not really all that sure. They say that not much research has been done on the subject but the research that has indicates that they gather in large numbers just to be social.

Crows are very social and they take it as far as to have funeral like gatherings for their dead. No s---, huh? Garth C. Clifford wrote the most recent article on the matter for World Birds on May 12, 2020 and had this to say about crows and their grieving process:

Crows flock to members of their own species after death and may interact with the dead bird in a variety of ways. Although the behavior may look like mourning, scientists believe it serves other purposes as well. Crows are incredibly intelligent and maybe trying to learn from the situation at hand, trying to ascertain both what may have befallen their comrade, and whether they need to be on the watch for new predators.

Look at us, we had a laugh, we learned a few things and engaged in a bit of word play.

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