I'm going to keep this straight to the point.

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There are far too many people using the street for parking in Downtown Danbury and it's impacting traffic patterns and diminishing safety for drivers, and pedestrians.

Every evening there is a section of Main Street that has to forgo the "slow-lane" because multiple cars are double-parked in the lane. Cars are even parked on single-lane roads, sometimes as much as an hour. I see it every day. Every. single. day.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

The most dangerous situation I see on a regular basis, is one involving pedestrians. You're driving down Main Street in the passing lane because the slow-lane is blocked with cars that are double parked. This creates a blind spot in front of pedestrian crossings and you cannot see people walking out in the street.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

I'm not an authority in Danbury, so there is nothing I can do about it, except to shout it out. The only thing I can do is complain, and point out the dangers.

If you double-park in an active traffic lane, you're sending the message that you believe you're more important than everyone else who is driving that day. You believe your convenience and safety is more vital than anyone walking in the neighborhood. You're not better than your neighbor because you decided you are. You are, in fact, worse.

I will say, there are certain people who are double-parked in the street on a daily basis that have no other choice, that I am aware of. One of the schools lets out at the same time everyday and the parents picking up their kids have nowhere to park to pick up their kid.

Is the parking situation perfect in Danbury? No, but unless there is an event, there is enough parking for everyone who lives down there. Park two blocks away and use your legs like an adult. Otherwise, you stink.

P.S. The day I went out to take pictures, the pictures I took, no one was actually double-parked. What you're seeing is moving traffic. The one day I go out to catch everyone in the act, they all behave. It figures.

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