I used to remember phone numbers, didn't you? But if I forgot, I could always look in the phone book. Did you know that Connecticut was a major player in the history of doing just that?

I can't tell you how many times I struggle to remember someone's phone number. More often than not you don't have to recall anything, they are just programmed into your phone, but it's still a great brain test. I fail it most of the time.

Way back when, there were telephone operators. My mom actually was one. She worked for New York Telephone when she was young. So all you had to do was dial the operator and they connected your call. Yup, you didn't have to put your brain to the test then either to remember a phone number.

But there was always the phone book, well at least since 1878. And New Haven Connecticut marks it's history. Yes, connecticuthistory.org says that 139 years ago today the first telephone book was issued.

According to connecticuthistory.org two significant things happened in New Haven in 1878. First, the Boardman Building became the site of the world’s first commercial telephone exchange, the District Telephone Company of New Haven, on Jan. 28, 1878. Then on Feb. 21 of that year the very first telephone directory was printed. It listed 50 individuals and businesses in New Haven, the directory was printed as a one-page flyer. For a look at a copy of the original click on oldtelephonebooks.com  

These days, how many of you use the telephone book as a door stop, or even toss it out annoyingly when it arrives? Seeing as it's a piece of Connecticut history, maybe you should hold onto at least one.

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