Nice. It appears as though I have job security as it relates to robots. Super sweet. I dig.

According to the Associated Press, Artificial Intelligence can be taught just about anything but humor. Kiki Hempelmann, a computational linguist from Texas A&M University, said “Artificial intelligence will never get jokes like humans do. In themselves, they have no need for humor. They miss completely context.”

Hempelmann went on to say; “Teaching AI systems humor is dangerous because they may find it where it isn’t and they may use it where it’s inappropriate,Maybe bad AI will start killing people because it thinks it is funny.”

A Computer Scientist from Darmstadt University of Technology in Germany had this to say. “Creative language — and humor in particular — is one of the hardest areas for computational intelligence to grasp, It’s because it relies so much on real-world knowledge — background knowledge and commonsense knowledge. A computer doesn’t have these real-world experiences to draw on. It only knows what you tell it and what it draws from.”

What's not nice, is that robots will kill people if we try and teach them humor, nothing funny about that I'll tell ya. This is another example in an ever growing list of reasons that robots suck so hard and need to be killed. They don't get humor, have no need for it and should we insist they learn it, they may go on a killing spree.

I'm going to keep shouting it until you all get woke. We have to stop these robots while we can, we have to stop them now before they are afforded civil rights. If you think that's a ridiculous notion you should know that some robotics experts say that day is not far off.

Preserve humanity, kill a robot today.



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