Imagine walking down your deck's stairs, turning around, and eyeballing a sizeable black bear sleeping under the deck. Unfortunately, that's precisely what happened to a Plainville, Connecticut family, according to NEWS 8.

Vincent Dashukewich and his girlfriend were outside when their dog began growling at something in the backyard. When Vincent went to investigate, he found himself staring at the bear they'd named "Marty."

Vincent told WTNH that he's been "super chill." Tyler, Vincent's sister, posted a video of the bear on TikTok, which now has more than 12 million views.

All Marty wants to do is get some serious shut-eye while hibernating for the remainder of the winter. However, a DEEP employee told the Dashukewich family it's best not to bother the bear, and Marty likely should be moving out by the end of January when his lease runs out.

Should Marty start making a ruckus, DEEP told the family to either blow an air horn or Vuvuzela. Flashing disco lights while singing along to "Turn the Beat Around" by the original artist Vicki Sue Robinson from 1976 could also work.

DEEP asks anyone if they see a bear near their home don't invite them in for a refreshing Mountain Dew and some Fritos. They don't want to be your friend. They want to have you for dinner. If a black bear approaches you, immediately go on the offensive by shouting or waving your arms.

WTNH YouTube Video
WTNH YouTube Video

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