Connecticut is a state divided when it comes to sports. You have your New York coalition, your Boston coalition, and rarely do the two ever meet. (I do know a couple of people that manage to be both Yankees AND Patriots fans, which I totally don't get, but I digress.) Either way, fans of either city's teams take great delight in taunting the others over the good or bad fortunes of either team.

In a way, it's been refreshing the last couple of days. 90 Percent of my Facebook feed has either been "Brady is the #GOAT!" or "Brady still can't bear Eli!" Which is a nice change from the political rants, I must admit.

In any case, we've got a deal for you that even non-Pats fans can appreciate. We've got Hat City On Tap coming up March 25 at the Danbury Ice Arena. 3 hours of beer-sampling heaven from some of America's best craft breweries, live music, and great food available as well. Or get the VIP ticket for an additional hour of sampling and some cool swag. For this week only, enter the code BRADY12 at checkout and get $12 off your ticket! This applies to both the General Admission and VIP tickets.

Note that if you're buying multiple tickets, do them one at a time because the code will only apply once per purchase. The deal ends this Sunday February 12.

So come on Giants, Jets, Cowboys, Steelers, etc fans... celebrate Tom Terrific! Your skin may burn a little as you enter the code BRADY12, but it'll be worth it with big savings for the winter's biggest party. Get all the tickets and info here.

Connecticut Is the Dividing Line for Sports Fans 



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