The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition does not get the hype it once did but remains one of the greatest ideas in American history. When I grew up you didn't have access to and endless stream of photos of beautiful women in bathing suits at the click of a button. People of a certain age would have to wait for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition to come out. In fact, I knew people who subscribed to the magazine just for the one issue. These are 9 of the most memorable covers of all time.

9 Memorable Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Covers

I had the subscription to read about sports, I really did but I'd anticipate the Swimsuit Issue all year. I saved all of Sports Illustrated magazines for about 20 years and stored them but the Swimsuit ones were given special care and attention. Many of them ended up in protective plastic coverings. There was a time when photographs, memories and people were not as disposable and I'm proud to say I am from that time.

Before I let you go, Rachel Hunter is the GOAT (Greatest of All-time) and it's not close so don't argue with me. If you think anything different I want you to do me a favor. Take some rock hard sausages out of the freezer, put them into a tube sock, spin the sock until the sausages are packed in there tight and swing it straight up at your face and jack yourself in the lips.

P.S. Where did Rod Stewart get the "stones" to ever talk to Rachel Hunter and why did he get away with it? Sure, he's got some cool songs but dude looks like a rooster and actually approached her? It boggles the mind and is a testament to his confidence.

I almost forgot, here's the link for the Rob Gronkowsi/Camille Kostek article from when they visited the CT tree farm that gets easily offended on the behalf of others.

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