It's almost time when families come together for Thanksgiving Dinner, and that means lots of different dinner conversations that could lead to some serious arguments.

So you have to figure that politics will come up sometime -- probably between the fruit cup appetizer and the bean casserole, but believe it or not, that's not the number one topic that people get the most stressed about.

There's a new survey out and the conversation topic that's the most likely to lead to a family fight during Thanksgiving is... long-standing family tensions.  46% of people say that's the taboo topic they believe will lead to some type of an argument.

According to, thirty five percent of Millennials are more worried about having to discuss their personal life then any other topic.

The same holds true with Gen X-ers, twenty one percent are either very anxious or somewhat anxious about the possibility of this becoming a holiday talking point.

You have to go all the way back to the Baby Boomers -- only eleven percent said they feel anxious about discussing personal things.

When it comes to politics, the topic does carry its share of anxiety. Twenty five percent of Millennial's, sixteen percent of Generation X-ers, and thirteen percent of Baby Boomers are at least somewhat worried about it.

So what are the eight least popular topics to discuss during Thanksgiving Dinner, well according to this survey here's the list:

  1. Long-standing family tensions, 46%.
  2. General politics, 37%.
  3. The 2020 presidential race, 33%.
  4. Someone's future plans, 24%
  5. Money, 24%.
  6. The behavior of the guests, 22%.
  7. Drinking or alcohol, 21%.
  8. The cooking, 18%. 

Finally, the survey also set the odds for an all out family argument. Thirty four percent of Millennials think there could be a family fight this holiday season. Twenty one percent of Gen X-ers and just sixteen percent of Baby Boomers think it’s likely their family will have an argument during a holiday get together.

So keep these topics in mind, and try to avoid going there, it just might ensure a happier and more pleasant holiday get together with the relatives.

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