If you are from Danbury, Brookfield, Ridgfield, Newtown, Bethel, New Milford or New Fairfield these are the places you know and the places you go (went). Whether you crave a summer adventure, some shopping or a meal these are the spots we take people from out of town.

8 Spots All Greater Danbury People Know

There are definitely some other spots that I could have added to this list that would have made sense. There's more to do in Danbury, CT and the surrounding towns than we give the area credit for. I don't talk to people who start a conversation with; 'there's nothing to do around here." It's as false a statement as a person can make about the Greater Danbury area.

If you need more "to-do" than is available here, might I suggest a city like New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Paris, London or Rome. That's not a ridiculous statement for the kind of person that would complain about a small city because if they moved to a city that was a little bigger like New Haven they would complain about crime and still say there is nothing "to do" here.

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