According to a new survey out of the UK conducted by, 62% of people have what they consider to be an enemy at work. 1 in 3 of those people say they have lost sleep over it. 70% of the people with an enemy would consider changing jobs over it. The researchers gathered their data from 7,000 employees.

Let's not get hung up on the fact that this was a UK survey. I think we can reasonably assume the number here in the states would be somewhere close to that number. It just sounds right.

I'd be willing to bet from Jump Street that most people are not doing the job they want. Then, you top that off with not being able to control who you work with and sure, most of us are going to have someone we don't like in the office.

Do I have an enemy at work? Good question. The answer is no, not at the moment. I really am close friends with many of the people I work with, and the ones I am not, I get along with really well.

Have I had an enemy in the past? Better question, and the answer is You BETCHA. In fact, I once used the term, "It's them or me." That's right, honeysuckle, I know what you are going through if you have an enemy at work. It's exhausting. You have to wake up every day prepared for battle. I know what goes on. Every e-mail between you and them has to be saved, every time they walk in the room, you have to watch what you say and change your approach. It's for the birds, I tell ya.

If you have an enemy at work, I feel for you and I'm with you. I am on your side. Unless, of course, your enemy is also reading this right now. In that case, things will get complicated.

Do you have an enemy? Tell me all about what they have put you through at your office.

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