Ridgefield's Mark Dollins has a dream. Despite the fact he's 60, has undergone a spinal fusion and two full knee replacements, Dollins is going after his third national wrestling title.

CT Insider reports that this weekend, he's getting ready to compete in the USA Wrestling's Folkstyle Championships. COVID put the brakes on last year's tournament, where's he's won the national title twice.

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Dollins has always been a never-say-never guy, even when his medical issues stood in the way. He eagerly did the rehabilitation work and now he's back and ready to win that gold medal.

Photo Courtesy of Mark Dollins' Facebook Page...

Dollins trains at least eight times a week, where his workouts consist of weight lifting, cardio, joint extension, and flexibility workouts. Since he's determined to win the title this year, he's hooked up with HealthX in Ridgefield, which offers the next step up in conditioning therapy.

To reduce inflammation, improve body composition, and increase the body's natural healing abilities, Dollins is taking advantage of HealthX's whole-body cryotherapy chamber, the only one in the northeast which involves climbing into an infrared sauna followed by a cold plunge. Never say, "Excuse me, but the water's too cold." I have no idea what that is, but it sounds scary as hell!

After working with Christian Oropeza from EHP Fit for the last two years, Mark Dollins says he's ready to win his third national title and said, “I have an axe to grind.”

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