Are there still guys in this world who make a valiant effort when it comes to a marriage proposal?

According to the all wedding, all the time website, The Knot, 1 in 4 grooms meticulously plans their marriage proposal down to the last detail.

As the wedding season approaches, I feel it is my duty as a man who's been happily married for 43 years to suggest some outstanding unique locations for your special marriage proposal.

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    Candlewood Lake - Danbury

    If you don't own a boat, rent one, because telling your woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with her as the sun sets over Candlewood Lake is incredibly romantic.

    There are a couple of things to keep in mind. If you've brought along the engagement ring, make sure it doesn't accidentally get dropped over the side of the boat.

    Step up your wine purchase. I suggest you stay away from the Franzia box wine and spring for a premium bottle of wine that goes for between $20 and $30.

    If the sunset factors into your proposal, make sure you know when the sun is going to set by going to Arrive at your selected spot on the lake at least one hour before the sun sets.


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    Bartlett Arboretum and Gardens - Stamford

    No matter which website you navigate to when you're searching for that ideal location to propose,  Stamford's Bartlett Arboretum is always near the top.

    This is the perfect place to experience beauty, peace, and tranquility. You won't find a better backdrop for your marriage proposal with 12 gardens and walking trails to choose from.

    Best of all strolling these beautiful gardens is absolutely free. For hours and directions, click on bartlettarboretum. org 

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    Mayflower Inn and Spa - Woodbury

    The Mayflower Inn and Spa is the ideal example of a 5-star hotel which translates into $$$$$! You will be pampered and you will eat like a king.

    Your favorite lady will be incredibly impressed by your good taste and that's even before you get down on one knee to propose.

    The restaurant is top of the line fine dining. No cheeseburgers and fries at the Mayflower Inn.  Room rates start at $499 per night. This hotel is all about ambiance, romance, and elegance and is only 40 minutes from Danbury.

    I have never stayed at the Mayflower because it's a tad out of my price range but, I have had an amazing dinner experience. Just a word of advice, when you're scanning the dinner menu and you find a selection you know you're going to love but the price isn't listed, grab onto your chair and then ask your server before ordering.

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    Kent Falls State Park - Kent

    Kent Falls was established back in 1919 and was used by Native Americans for fishing and camping. The falls are absolutely gorgeous and the hiking trails up and alongside the falls provide for some ideal picture taking along the way.

    If your thinking about popping the question, my advice would be to go during a weekday when the park is not too crowded. On a gorgeous summer or fall afternoon, the park usually reaches the max capacity by late morning.

    Bring along a picnic lunch or dinner. Picnic tables are available if you arrive early or lawn chairs and a blanket work just as well.

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    Lover's Leap State Park - New Milford

    Overlooking the Housatonic River in New Milford, Lover's Leap State Park not only offers some amazing views and scenic vistas, but the park is also rich with history.

    The story is told that in the early 1700s, Princess Lillinonah, the beautiful daughter of Chief Waramaug came upon a white man who had lost his way in the forest. It was love at first sight but it just wasn't meant to be.

    She cared and took care of him along the banks of the Housatonic River until he left promising to return after winter turned into spring. Three seasons came and went and just when the Princess was to be married to another member of her tribe, she hopped aboard a boat and aimed for the Great Falls.

    As the boat entered the rapids, just before the steep waterfall, she looked up and locked eyes with the man she had fallen in love with. He had returned! As the boat rushed towards the falls, her lover jumped into the river. Sadly both of them perished. Now that's romance and a perfect spot for a marriage proposal.


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    Tarrywile Park - Danbury

    This 722-acre park off Southern Blvd in Danbury has been described in a Trip Advisor review as "one of the most beautiful locations in Danbury. If you and your lady are hikers, this is the perfect scenario for a marriage proposal.

    Between the gorgeous Tarrywile Mansion and the idyllic hiking trails, the charm is beyond compare. Throw in 21 miles of hiking trails and 2 beautiful ponds, you've got yourself an exemplary opportunity to ask her to marry you. I'm thinking she says, 'You bet your ass!!'


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