Got a craving for crispy bacon at 2 in the morning?

Back in the 70's during my music playing days, I'll always remember the band packin' up the gear as quickly as humanly possible and heading over to Jay's Diner on West Henrietta Road in Rochester, NY for their New England clam chowder at around 2am. It seems like a lifetime ago.

My love affair with diners continues to this day 40 years later with the exception of that 'in the middle of the night thing.' If you've been out partying till 1 am and you're overcome by a craving for a Caliente Philly Cheesesteak on a Wedge, a trusty 24-hour diner becomes your best friend. The following are 7 diners in the greater Danbury area that never close.

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    Elmer's is my diner of choice because of the friendly attentive service and there's hardly ever any wait, not to mention you can just about have anything your heart desires. Only at Elmer's will you get a special treat of macaroni and chips when you're first seated. Always waiting for you at the cash register as you're leaving are homemade peanut butter cookies to sample. Allow me to recommend the Eggs Florentine, but everything is excellent at Elmers located at 22 Padanaram Road in Danbury. For take-out call 203-731-2559.

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    Family owned and operated since 1973, the Blue Colony is brightly lit up like a beacon in the night just off exit 10 of I-84 at 66 Church Hill Rd in Newtown. EVERYTHING at the Blue Colony is delish. When I ordered the meatloaf for dinner one evening, I was served a huge plate of food, enough to feed a small third world nation, and the gravy for the mashed potatoes was awesome! Before you leave, make sure to pick up an apple danish the size of Delaware at the cash register.

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    Lots of chrome and huge portions are what describe the Eveready Diner at 90 Independent Way in Brewster, NY. right off Exit 19 of I-84. They are only opened until midnight during the week but stay open 24 hours on the weekends. Trip Advisor and Yelp reviewers alike describe mammoth portions and loads of menu choices which make it a popular family restaurant. For dessert, more than half a dozen reviewers raved about their 'Death by Chocolate.'

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    I found many reviewers of The Brass House have been loyal to this 24-hour eatery since it was Howard Johnsons' back in the day. Many reviewers raved about their Friday night, all-you-can-eat clam fry for only $8.99! Located at 2620 South Main St. in Waterbury, their takeout number is 203-755-4910.

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    Three Brothers on 242 White St in Danbury recently just got an interior and exterior facelift. Located down the street from Western Connecticut State University, Three Brothers is a popular spot for a late night snack attack. One comment on Yelp says it all, "Good food, fast service, and Gluten friendly." For takeout, call 203-748-6008.

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    Known for its late-night fare at many locations across the country, Denny's in Danbury is located at 61 Newtown Rd in the Plumtrees Plaza. Denny's has gotten somewhat of a bad rap over the years but after checking Yelp reviews, it appears that the Danbury Dennys has seen an upsurge in service and food quality. Reviewers are still loving their signature Grand-Slam Breakfast and their Moons Over My Hammy breakfast.

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