In the movies, the bank robber is a genius who needs one last score before sailing off into the sunset. They are relatable, they are charismatic and you feel connected to them. You feel these things because they are movies and the storyteller has a need for you to connect with the bank robber. They want you conflicted but invested. In real life, I don't know how many of us can relate to robbing a bank, or any place for that matter.

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Bank robberies make for sexy stories in print or on my radio show (Ethan & Lou on I95). The problem is, there is not anything glamorous or cinematic about them. People who rob banks with violence or the threat of violence rarely consider the emotional and mental trauma they put the witnesses through. We see an interesting headline or a fascinating score but don't think about the other folks, the ones who were there, that no longer feel safe.

6 of CT's Most Wanted Bank Robbery Suspects

Not every bank robbery is an open and shut case like I used to believe. I figure, it's the digital era, if they are on camera, they are getting caught but that is not how it always shakes out. According to CT Financial Crimes Most Wanted, the following 6 cases are open investigations, either by the police department, or the banks themselves. 

You can reports tips on these and any case like them on the CT Financial Crimes Most Wanted website, but it's best to report them directly to the specific police departments listed above. I was very surprised to see how often the cases are updated and how many suspects have been listed as "captured."

Exploring the Aftermath of the Hideous Inferno at Newtown’s McGuire’s Ale House

According to our earlier reports, the Hawleyville Volunteer Fire Company was the first on the scene, followed by Newtown Hook & Ladder 114. The Firefighter battled a massive blaze at the Newtown building that was once McGuire’s Ale House and Hot Shots II. The F.D.’s brought in an attack line, to fight against the flames and the roof came down.
The dramatic day became big news with locals sharing pictures and videos all over social media. While the Fire Departments were able to finish off the flames, the building was destroyed. 

9 Things That Totally Suck About Living in Danbury

Elements of a place can totally suck without the place totally sucking. This is the point I intend to make here. Like anywhere else, Danbury has things about it that totally and completely suck without damaging the Hat City's rep to the point of total suckage,

Youtube Video Proves There is More Nightlife in Danbury Than I Thought

I'm at Hat City resident and have been for the last six years, and last year we moved from the Germantown Road area to Downtown Danbury. My wife and I can, and do walk to dinner at places like Pippa's, Empire of the Incas and Two Steps but when dinner is over, sometimes we want to stay out, get some drinks and dance but haven't found a lot of options. Maybe I wasn't looking closely enough or I was overlooking some existing options. I found a new video on Youtube that suggests I am missing something. I know there are some Spanish spots downtown that I've been curious about but never visited and now this video confirms that I need to take a closer look. 

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