Spring cleaning is right around the corner and with it, will come questions.

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Questions like, what can I legally throw away? But it's not just the law we should be concerned with, a lot of the items in our home can easily damage our environment.

6 Items You Should Not Throw in the Regular Garbage in CT

Many household items can easily damage the environment or contaminate our soil and/or drinking water. Other household items can be dangerous for children and many are illegal to throw in the regular trash. Here are 6 Items You Should Not Throw in the Regular Garbage in CT. 

Before you toss something, don't worry about whether you can get away with it or not. Try and think of the world you'll be creating for your kids and grandkids. There are more items you cannot throw in the regular trash in CT like pesticides, heavy chemicals and used electronics.

The rule of thumb should be if you're not sure, ask. The only problem with this is the state resources like the CT Portal are confusing. Answers are often very general or vary from municipality to municipality. CT cannot make anything simple, even for people doing their best to protect their environment. The State sucks at everything, especially things they claim to care about.

Vacant Brookfield Properties Give Me the Creeps

Brookfield Connecticut is a beautiful New England town with picturesque landscapes and architecture. It does have one section of road that is about a mile long, that time has forgotten. When the highway got extended, the life started to drain from this portion of Federal Road and COVID-19 put the finishing touches on any business that was hanging on for dear life. There are supposed to be people in these places, that's why they were made. The absence of humanity in these spaces makes them tragic and chilling.

Behind the Walls of CT's Abandoned Norwich State Hospital

In this day and age, mental health treatment is serious business and in most cases, patients are treated with care and respect. This was not always the case in the U.S. and hospitals dedicated to the "mentally ill" became prisons that regularly conducted torture. America is now littered with shuttered hospitals decaying from the inside and the outside. Many believe these places still contain the dark energy left behind by the gruesome acts of the past. One of these places in Norwich State Hospital. 

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Photo: Aurora Photography
Photo: Aurora Photography

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