It's a fact, clowns creep out countless numbers of people, but not everyone.

Are you one of the many humans that actually enjoys meeting and watching clowns as they jovially work to make people happy? Are you one of the many that enjoys watching evil clowns do nasty things to people? If you answered 'yes' to my second question, I've consulted the website, 'Rotten Tomatoes' to find you five of the best scary clown movies to scare the living bejesus out of you.


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    Rotten Tomatoes gives the new Stephen King movie a score of 86%. The movie is about shape shifting demons taking the shape of clowns that hunt children and it's rated R.

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    The 2011 film, The Last Circus rates a 74% from Rotten Tomatoes.  A trapeze artist must decide to lust after either a happy clown or sad clown both who are deeply disturbed.

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    This 1989 scary flick, Clownhouse scores a 41% from Rotten Tomatoes and is about three brothers alone in a huge house with three mental patients who have killed traveling circus clowns, pandemonium ensues.

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    This 2001 film is all about a Japanese reality show where contestants have to flee costumed serial killers in a maze full of obstacles. If you can't figure out the maze, you're dead meat, but the one contestant who escapes the maze wins the $1 million dollar jackpot! Rotten Tomatoes gives this bloody flick a score of 54%.

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    Released in 2012, Stitches is about a clown that comes back from the dead after falling on a knife at a children's party. He's back to seek revenge on those that have caused his 'accidental' death. Rotten Tomatoes weighs in with a grade of 41%.

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