Whether your Catholic or not - who wouldn't want to know who they are?I'm not Catholic, but I sure do figure if I can get a "blessing" of any kind it's a great thing - day, or night!

You can imagine my GLEE when I read about the BEER BLESSING and the fact that there are five, count 'em  five patron saints of beer.

In the immortal word's of i95's own Lou Milano - "These people know how to Porty" (that's party for those of you who don't speak Milanish). Want to bring one of them along for a "beer blessing" at the Brews and BBQ Festival?

You can get info and tickets for the event by visiting: americaontap.com/brews-bbq

According to Catholic Exchange, here are the five patron saints of beer:

1. St. Arnulf of Metz - St. Arnulf of Metz. St. Arnulf was already a saint when some his parishioners from his former diocese traveled to recover his body. It was a hot day and they were ready to pass out from thirst when one parishioner cried out, “By his powerful intercession the Blessed Arnold will bring us what we lack.” Their beer supply was magically replenished and lasted them until they got home.

2. St. Gambrinus –  St. Gambrinus may or may not actually be a saint, or event a real person, but he is credited with being the the creator of beer. Some think the gods showed him the art of brewing, while others say he could just down a ton of beer.

3. St. Augustine - Is believed to be  transformed from a crazy drunk into a bishop.

4. St. Luke the Evangelist – Not only did he write the Gospel of Luke,  but is also known as to patron saint for beer brewers.

5.  St. Wenceslaus - This guys is another patron saint of brewers and also known for his compassion for outcasts, who are sometimes known as drunk people.