This is a list I know nothing about.

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I was sweating doing research for this so I would not make any embarrassing mistakes. We will have to wait and see how that plays out. Maybe there is something wrong with me, I've never had an interest in money.

Hold on, let me qualify that statement.

I'd like to be wealthy, I'm not a Quaker and I'm not acting like I'm above it or money is evil. It's just that money has never been a primary motivator for me, at any stage in my life. I've not studied how to get wealth, who the players are, or learned the language you need to acquire and retain wealth.

I'm not trying to sound special like the jackasses who say they don't own a TV; I just don't know about this stuff. That said, I am fascinated by the ungodly wealth we have here in the State of Connecticut, particularly the Gold Coast.

5 of CT's Richest Billionaires, Most of Them Live on Gold Coast

According to Wise Voter, Connecticut is the 7th richest state in the nation and one region called the Gold Coast is the main source of most of the riches. You know the names Greenwich & Darien, these places are talked about like they are mythical lands, but they are real and so are the humans that inhabit them. Here are a few of those people, these are 5 of CT's Richest Billionaires.  

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

I did not get around to everyone, there are so many more billionaires in Connecticut. Here are a few more from the Hartford Bussiness Journal:

Vince McMahon - $2.6 Billion

Alexandre Behring - $5.5 Billion

Paul Tudor Jones II - $8 Billion

It's wild to think that I live a short drive from these people and their mansions. I would take Route 7 South, go to the Merrit Parkway South, Exit and BAM I'm there. I'm 40 minutes away and yet a world away.

Rich people curiousities:

  • I wonder if a person who is worth $19 billion looks down at someone who is worth $3 Billion?
  • Do you think Billionaires buy regular underwear like we have? They can't right? They must have something special we don't know about. They can give us that bull--- about putting their pants on, one leg at a time all they want but I'm not buying it. Yeah, it's one leg at a time but their pants and panties are way cooler.
  • Do you think they pay someone to do all their paperwork and finances? If I was filthy rich I wouldn't want to deal with the hassle of paying people, writing checks and these types of things. But if you're that loaded, how could you ever trust anyone not to steal from you?

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P.S. Why would I drive down to the Gold Coast? To get a job and I'm not kiding in the least. What I've learned in life is that I am capable of learning anything and fast. I also work expceptionally hard so given and opportunity, there is nothig I can't do. The problem with all of that is I'm already doing the thing I want.

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Aurora Photography

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