Everybody loves a good Taco. You know, crunchy, bursting with flavor, and maybe a little spicy. Well, today, we're celebrating National Taco Day, so I know you want to celebrate too, and get your hands on a few tasty tacos.

What makes a really good taco? Is it the meat? Is it the filling? Maybe the sauce, or it could just be the type of shell — soft or hard?

Here's what happens when you combine National Taco Day with National Golf Lover's Day:

Well today, in honor of National Taco Day, I've chosen five of my favorite places to visit that serve up some pretty darn good tacos. Now I'm sure you may have your favorite places as well, maybe they made the list, maybe they didn't. Either way, go out today and celebrate with one of the best foods ever that you can eat with just your hands.

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    Las Mananitas - Route 22 in Brewster

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    Hacienda Don Manuel - Federal Road in Brookfield

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    Pancho's and Gringo's - Federal Road in Brookfield

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    Salsa Fresca Mexican Grill - Federal Road in Danbury & Route 6 in Carmel

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    Pancho's Tacos - White Street in Danbury