Happy April Fool's Day! Hopefully you haven't been pranked too badly or fallen for someone's joke. In any event, here are 5 songs about fools to celebrate the first day of April.

WHITESNAKE- Fool For Your Lovin'

This is one of a few songs that Whitesnake had done early in their career and re-recorded after their big breakthrough album. While the newer version has beefier guitars and was a bigger hit, I like this earlier version better. It's got a bluesier, more Deep Purple-sounding arrangement. Which makes sense as Jon Lord and Ian Paice were in the band at the time.

THE BEATLES- Fool On The Hill

This was one of the first Beatles albums my parents bought me when I was a very little boy. I had a lot of questions. How can he see the world spinning 'round? Why does he sit there all day? Why do people not like him? Pretty heady stuff for a 5 year old kid. Paul McCartney later said he was writing about the Maharishi, who was not taken seriously by some people because he giggled a lot.

FOGHAT- Fool For The City

Another bluesy rocker. Foghat's big breakthrough album, with a one of Rock's greatest album covers: drummer Roger Earl fishing out of a manhole in the middle of New York City. Here's a great live version.

CINDERELLA- Nobody's Fool

One of the best power ballads of the hair band era. Great vocal, big chorus, gang harmonies, what's not to like? Also the title of a great Paul Newman movie which has nothing to do with the song.

THE MAIN INGREDIENT- Everybody Plays The Fool

Couldn't do a list of Fool songs without sneaking in this 70's pop earworm. Warning, it will probably be stuck in your head all week. The late Cuba Gooding, Senior was the lead singer on this song, which went all the way to #2.

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