"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."

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That quote comes from Ghandi and I didn't know that until today. That quote will serve almost no purpose in my life but that doesn't have to be the purpose of learning. We don't need every bit of information we collect to have an end game. Learning enriches our lives in ways we don't realize immediately. People throw around the term "useless knowledge" but there is no such thing. Everything we learn eventually finds its place.

5 Fun Connecticut Facts That Almost No One Will Care About

Learning "useless information" is fun and it makes the people who gather it, interesting to talk to. For those reasons, I never miss a chance to pickup some stray facts. I always want to get my hands on things I don't need. If you're anything like me, you will want these 5 Fun Connecticut Facts That Almost No One Will Care About.


  • Connecticut has 31 candy and nut stores
  • Almost 3% of CT residents walk to work
  • The State Drink is Milk
  • The Median Age is 41
  • We have over 2,600 Fast Food Restaurants

I was delighted to learn that we have so many Subway restaurants. I always eat a lot when I'm on a road trip. Now I know that if I get hungry on those CT Streets, there is a good chance I can "Eat Fresh."

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Danbury is an interesting place, it's not a big city, it's not a small town but it has some of the advantages and faults of both. In an effort to tell better stories about this wonderful city I call home, I dug into the numbers. I wanted to see if I could find a theme and after examining the numbers, I'm more confused than when I started. However, I came out with 7 Delightful Danbury Demographics That You May Not Have Deliberated.

The stats used for this article come from the Danbury CT, Census and Point 2 Point Homes

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