I can't blame today's children for being addicted to video games, they are certainly not the junk games we played.

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Today, video games like Fortnite provide our kids with a never ending, constantly morping alternate reality. A reality that is way better than doing homework or spending eight hours in a classroom wearing a COVID-19 mask.

The graphics are top-notch and the game developers know what they are doing, they don't let the games get stale and they constantly add new products and venues to freshen the games up for the kids.

5 Bizarre Chores to Keep Your Kids Away from the Video Games Over the Thanksgiving Holiday

So how can we keep our kids away from these video games over the Thanksgiving holiday? It won't be easy but I have a plan and my kids are not going to like it. I've worked with my wife Erica and developed a system that involves family conversation, board games and chores. That's right, not only are we NOT letting our kids play video games but we are going to make them do bizarre chores on top of that. These are 5 bizarre chores to keep your kids away from the video games over the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Big shout out to my wife Erica for helping me develop this system and come up with these odd chores. I'd like to dedicate this article to my children Louis, Chris, Lucas and Vida, buckle up for Thanksgiving 2021, it's not going to look the way you'd hoped. Maybe we will take it easy on you for Christmas? Hey, that can be your present, what do you say?

P.S. If you guys take my suggestions and try these on your kids this holiday, don't blame me. Your kids will be grown-ups one day and I plan on still being in radio at that time. I don't want them keeping a long, negative memory of me. However, I do want to hear how it goes if you try it, so be sure to text the I-95 Rock Mobile App with a Holiday recap.

You Know You're from Putnam Lake, NY If...

Putnam Lake is a Hamlet of the Town of Patterson, NY. "The Lake" was, and continues to be a great place to raise a family but it most certainly is not boring. People from surrounding communities have a lot to say about "Lakers", they just don't do it to your face.

Putnam Lake has a personality all it's own. "The Lake" is loaded with great people with wonderful personalities that all seem to have a few things in common. This is why it will be easy for those of you who lived there, to identify with the "You Know You're From Putnam Lake If.....Examples. 

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These are some of the many murals in Danbury that are great to take a selfie in front of. 

10 Extraordinary Reports of CT Bigfoot Encounters

The Bigfoot Field Research Organization is a legit group that takes the business of Bigfoot very seriously, so if you have had an encounter with a Bigfoot, you should not hesitate to reach out to them. When you think about Bigfoot, and I do a lot, Connecticut is one of the last places that comes to mind but there are far more eyewitness accounts than you might imagine. These are 10 of the most extraordinary Bigfoot sightings in the Nutmeg State.

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