The weather has taken a turn for the worse the last few days so we are primed for a binge or two. I have 5 Netflix bingeworthy recommendations.

1 - Ozark - This show just came out a few days ago and I am through season 1 already.

Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, drug cartels, sex and violence? You had me at Jason Bateman. This show has a real "Breaking Bad" thing going on.

2 - Friends From College - If you cannot let go of your adolescent years or you really like inappropriate humor, this show is for you.

Who knew the guy from "Key and Peele" had a whole new level of funny?

3 - Gypsy - Sex, sex and more sex.

Naomi Watts is the star of this baby and she nails this crazy lady who loves sex and lying thing.

4 - Stranger Things Season 2 - Not out till October 27th but based on the trailer it's worth obsessing over starting now.

I don't know why but it took me a few starts and stops to get into this show. Once I got hooked I burned through season 1 and cannot wait for season 2.

5 - GLOW - This show is about the short lived Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Marc Maron plays a scum bag like few people can.

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