Americans have an enduring fascination with grocery stores.

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Want to captivate a crowd? Just mention grocery stores, egg prices, coupons, and bulk shopping.

5 Best Grocery Stores in America, How Does Connecticut Rate?

Last year, Food & Wine Magazine released its definitive list of the best grocery stores in America, considering factors like price, product quality, and customer reviews. Today, we'll delve into the top 5 and see where Connecticut stands in the mix.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

So how did Connecticut rate? NOT GOOD! In case you were wondering about the other 5, we did not do well there either. Numbers 6-10 went like this: Lidl, Winco Foods, Trader Joe's, Publix and Costco. Out of the Top 10 grocery stores in America we have locations from 2 of them now, and a third on the way. That is, as they say, poopy.

I must say, I think it is beyond unfair that ALDI did not make the Food & Wine Top 10. Do people at F&W not shop at all? You have to give credit where credit is due. The ALDI folks changed the game and presented prices that are astonishingly low.

I love you ALDI and unless you change a whole bunch, I always will.

Aldi Food Market grocery store in Duluth, MN
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

The Goat.

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10 Items You Should Never Purchase at Connecticut Dollar Stores

Connecticut is an expensive place to live so people here will do just about anything to save a few bucks. This savings hunt makes dollar stores big business in CT and we have no shortage of them. Family Dollar has 32 Connecticut stores, Dollar Tree has 56 locations and Dollar General boasts 71 outlets throughout the State.

There are some items at these stores that will shave a lot of dough off your receipts but experts say you should not trust these stores with all purchases. Reader's Digest and USA Today have issued alerts to the public listing items you should steer clear of at Dollar Stores, here are 10 of them.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

4 Connecticut Based Department Stores That Are No More

I certainly remember shopping at three of the stores on this list and it transports me back to my youth and that makes it a find memory. These 4 stores were not only wildly popular in their day but they had their national headquarters right here in the Nutmeg State. 

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

The Sinful 6: Connecticut's Most Dangerous Gangs

Your exposure to gangs and gang violence is probably a lot like mine. You see gang stories told on fictional TV shows like "Sons of Anarchy" or in the movies and think, eh not my problem. Not so fast Nutmegger! According to the CT Justice Department gangs are a real problem in the State of Connecticut.

Here are the 6 Most Dangerous Gangs in the Nutmeg State

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

17 Stunning Danbury Photos Along With Random Odd Facts About the City

The day I took this round of pictures (September 15 or 16th I can't remember), the light all over the city was just perfect. The sun was dancing in all the right places on the buildings, the trees and the grass. I said to hell with it, I'm publishing these photos. But what should I write in the description? I decided to pair the images with odd Danbury facts I gathered from prior articles. 

Maybe this works out, maybe not at least I can say "look at this!"

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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