"A bottle of white, a bottle of red, perhaps a bottle of rose instead." 

Billy Joel said it best at the beginning of his song, "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant." Millions of people all over the world and from all ethnicities love their wine.

Here in Connecticut, we enjoy jumping on the Connecticut Wine Trail from time to time to sample as many different wines as humanly possible without falling down. Having some tasty, delicious food nearby is always a plus, so I give you five excellent Connecticut wineries where you're able to enjoy lunch, a snack, or perhaps a wine and cheese nosh.

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    Hopkins Vineyard is located in the beautiful Litchfield Hills overlooking Lake Waramug in Warren, Connecticut. They grow 11 different varieties of grapes and my favorite is their 2015 Bottled Estate Chardonnay. Across the street from the tasting rooms is the Hopkins Inn and restaurant. I recommend their homemade soup, it's to die for, and their Sea Scallops.

  • White Silo Farm & Winery - Google Instant Streetview
    White Silo Farm & Winery - Google Instant Streetview


    The White Silo is located in the gorgeous foothills of Sherman, CT. and is considered a boutique winery because it's much smaller than most vineyards. They specialize in small batches of fruit and grape wines. If you call 24 hours ahead at 860-355-0271 they'll make you a boxed lunch or one of their delicious cheese platters, which you can enjoy in one of their picnic areas.

  • The Jones Family Farm in Shelton - Google Instant Streetview
    The Jones Family Farm in Shelton - Google Instant Streetview


    The Jones Family Farm spans seven generations since it was built in 1848. The winery carries 17 different kinds of wines including their legendary cabernet franc and their Beacon Light 8, which is a semi sweet wine. Chow down on their gourmet cheddar and  goat cheese and their smoked meats like their venison and beef summer sausage. Because they grow their own berries, their homemade desserts are magnificent! The farm is located at 606 Walnut Tree Hill Road in Shelton.

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    Haight-Brown is the oldest vineyard in Connecticut where they've been handcrafting wine for the last 40 years. They have an on-sight farm shop that serves platters of artisanal fruits and 30 types of cheeses plus you'll find a picnic grove on-site where you're welcome to bring along your own lunch, but no alcohol is allowed. DUH!! You'll find Haight-Brown Vineyards at 29 Chestnut Hill Road in Litchfield and they're opened year round.

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    DiGrazia Vineyards

    DiGrazia Vineyards is located in Brookfield, CT and is owned by Dr. Paul DiGrazia, who is still giving tours and tastings on the weekend. DiGrazia features an impressive variety of wines from dry to fruity to spicy and light bodied. Even though food is not available at the vineyard, you're more than welcome to bring along your own lunch or snacks and enjoy a picnic inside or out at the vineyard. DeGrazia is located at 131 Tower Road in Brookfield.

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