In a world that's being overwhelmed by a life-threatening pandemic, I figured we could use an uplifting article about what was considered 'Amazing Real-Life Christmas Miracles," thanks to the website

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  • The World War I Christmas Truce:

It was Christmas Day in 1914 during World War I. Hundreds of troops along the France battlefronts that included French, British, and German troops simultaneously dropped their weapons and stopped fighting. The troops were tired, miserable, sick, and tired of witnessing their friends slaughtered on the battlefield. The men began singing Christmas carols and shared food and cigarettes. Some British troops even began playing soccer with their German enemies. There were no orders from their commanders, just a wish from all the troops for a peaceful Christmas.

New Year Truce
World War I New Year's Truce on January 9, 1915 - Getty Images
  • Paralyzed Boy with No Spine Walks on Christmas Day:

In 2008, seven-year-old Marko Dutschak had a malignant growth along his back, which eventually crushed his spine. Only a "thread" was holding his entire back together. It wasn't surprising when Marko's doctors predicted that he would never walk again and would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. How wrong they were. A couple of days before Christmas, Marko decided he would walk with barely a spine to speak of. He has learned to walk again, and his mom, Sandra, told the Austrian Times, "This is the best Christmas present ever!"

St. Edwards Nativity Scene - Ethan Photo
St. Edwards Nativity Scene - Ethan Photo
  • Huge 21 Car Pile-Up on Icy Highway Results in No Serious Injuries:

In 2013, on Christmas day at 2:50 am in Oklahoma City, freezing rain, and bad driving caused a chain reaction accident involving 21 cars. Tractor-trailers jack-knifed while cars crashed into one another. The pile-up took place on Interstate 40 near the intersection of Interstate 35, where both highways had iced over. The pile-up closed the road for nearly five hours. A dozen people were transported to the hospital, but miraculously there were no serious injuries.

  • Lost Dog Travels 600 Miles -

Ashley Power is from Spruce Grove in Alberta, Canada, and one snowy day, her dog Frankie wandered away from home, and no matter how many neighborhoods they searched and how much they yelled for Frankie, it appeared he wasn't coming home.  Ashley posted thousands of flyers throughout her neighborhood and mailed out more flyers hundreds of miles away. After five months, she resigned herself that she would never see her beloved Frankie again, and then, a miracle began to happen. Ashley got a call from an animal protection society in Abbotsford, British Columbia, that was 600 miles away to tell her they had found Frankie.

Cat and Dog eating Santa's snack
  • Mother and Baby Survive Near-Death Experiences:

Our last true Christmas miracle is courtesy of It was Christmas Eve 2009 when a perfectly healthy Tracy Hermanstorfer, a patient at a Colorado Springs hospital, was ready to give birth to her first child when suddenly she went into full cardiac arrest. Doctors then attempted to perform an emergency C-section on the baby, who was also in distress with a weak pulse. But then, another Christmas miracle began to take shape. After being clinically dead for four minutes, Tracy Hermanstorfer's heart miraculously began to kick into gear, and shortly after that, her baby's pulse and breathing stabilized. Tracy had always been perfectly healthy, and to this day, doctors still have no explanation about why her heart stopped beating.

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