Like most of you right now, my hands are shaking as I try to type this, and the rest of me was just shaking too. I'm in Brookfield, Connecticut, and it just sounded and felt like there was an 18 wheeler headed for my front door. We've just experienced an earthquake.

Are you all calling your family and friends too? There were 6 of us here in the radio station, and we all convened in the front lobby. One of my co-workers Sarah looked outside onto Federal Road and saw that the trees across the street were swaying. Sarah has experienced an earthquake before, she knew instantly what it was.

It's now 10:34AM on Friday, April 5, 2024. I'm refreshing all of the national news sites like crazy as I try to type this, our listener app chat has just lit up with the first "Hey, was that an earthquake' messages. Bill in Newtown felt it, as did my wife in Washington Depot at Frederick Gunn. On Facebook, messages are starting to be posted from New Fairfield, Waterbury, Southbury, and Bethel.

And here we go, at 10:37AM - from  - We just experienced a 4.8 magnitude earthquake - the epicenter was outside of Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. That info is coming from, our national source. More friends are now chiming in - My buddy Dave just felt it the earth move all the way in Boston. The official report says it was a 4.8 quake located 7 kilometers North, Northeast of Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, which is halfway between Newark and Allentown, PA. Whew, that got your heart pumping, eh?

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