Bobby Knight is one of those figures in the sports world that is larger than life. A lot of people love Bobby, a lot of people hate Bobby but you know who he is, even if you don't like sports.

Bobby was one of those dinosaur types that just kept doing it "his way." He did it
"his way" no matter how much the world around him changed. Bobby did not have a glorious ending to his coaching career but it was really interesting to see unfold.

So this documentary on Bobby Knight HAS TO be awesome, right? The story of his final days as head basketball coach at Indiana University would be good even if it was told by a bad story teller. But this is an ESPN "30 for 30" and they are all pretty awesome.

Now I gotta figure out where I can watch it. I just read that it's been released exclusively on ESPN +. Fantastic, how many stations do I need to have to watch good TV? Does ESPN need 9 channels when it can't get the programming right on it's mother station?

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