According to the Washington Post, the new Broadway adaptation of George Orwell's 1984 is a little more than graphic.

In the article, they site a review from David Rooney of the Hollywood Reporter, who says:

...main set is destroyed and transforms into a sterile white box, blasted with searing light.

...His torturers yell out ominous words like 'fingertips' or 'teeth.'

The torture scenes in the book are depicted in a very disturbing way, according to some reviewers and guests alike, audience members have fainted and vomited.

If you would like to faint or vomit, you can see the play at the Hudson Theater in NYC. It will run you $130 and up for one ticket. So, for a nice tandem puke for you and a date, you are at $260 and up.

If I want to induce vomiting, I will watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or watch a Lady Gaga concert on DVD. I don't need to plunk down $300 on tickets, $300 on dinner and $60 on parking.

Going to a Broadway show is not an ideal night out for most dudes, but we do it for our ladies from time to time. If I spend that kind of money, promise my wife a nice night out, and she pukes, we are going to have a problem. You might find me backstage having a heated discussion with slim man in a beret.

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