I live in Downtown Danbury and everyday I take an afternoon walk around the city. This is the only time of day I'm not inundated with information which means I can develop my own thoughts.

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I love looking around at the people, the buildings and the history. I look at the churches, banks and offices and wonder about the people who took this walk before me. What were they like? What was important to them?

When I'm done creating profiles of Danbury people from the 1800's I usually bring my attention to the buildings themselves. These structures have been here for a long time and it shows in the best way possible. These buildings made of brick and stone have outlasted generations and I am lucky enough to be among them.

Then after the gratitude shower I start with the pictures, sometimes I take 50 pictures on my walk and never do anything with them. I want to show them to people but I know it comes with an obnoxious little chore, I need to write something about each photo.

Don't get me wrong, the platform I have is a gift and I'm thankful for it but sometimes I just want to say "look at this" and be done with it. Other than showing the pictures and telling people I find this environment fascinating, I don't always have something to say about everything I see (everyone laughs).

17 Stunning Danbury Photos Along With Random Odd Facts About the City

The day I took this round of pictures (September 15 or 16th I can't remember), the light all over the city was just perfect. The sun was dancing in all the right places on the buildings, the trees and the grass. I said to hell with it, I'm publishing these photos. But what should I write in the description? I decided to pair the images with odd Danbury facts I gathered from prior articles. 

Maybe this works out, maybe not at least I can say "look at this!"

Yes, I called my own photos "stunning" and yes I made that way harder than it needed to be. I could have said this is Union Savings Bank and this is the Old Cemetery but I went the difficult route.

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Aurora Photography
Aurora Photography

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