Youtube is a tough nut to crack.

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To make it really work for you, you need to be a celebrity or post divisive content. The rest is a crap shoot and it's kind of like buying a lotto ticket when you post. The good news is, no matter how small the audience, people are looking and appreciating what you post. There is always someone like me hunting for content that isn't viral or trending.

I'm personally interested in subject matter that is local in nature. I want to see what people in Danbury, Brookfield, Bethel, Ridgefield, Newtown, New Milford and New Fairfield are doing when the red light is on. It turns out the folks in the Greater-Danbury area are posting really interesting content but not everyone is seeing it.

16 Entertaining Greater-Danbury Youtube Moments You've Never Seen

When you think about viral videos, the Greater-Danbury area probably does'nt jump to mind. There are very few viral Youtube moments to capture around here but that's not to say we don't have some good ones. Here are 16 Youtube videos you've probably never seen but are worth checking out.

Sorry, if you came for food videos, I just don't get that, at all.

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Is there any better expression of anger than the middle finger? I say no.Not only does it send a clear message but it also alleviates some of the rage flowing through your body. Nothing tops the bird, the bird is the word. 

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We don't need the folks from Visit CT to make a trip out here to tell you that these are some of the best tacos around. This taco trail may leave you dizzy from it's organization but you'll be even more overwhelmed by the flavors you'll experience along the way. This is the Greater-Danbury CT Taco Trail 
Photo: Aurora Photography
Photo: Aurora Photography

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