The National UFO Reporting Center already has 11 UFO sightings in Connecticut on file this year. This is what they have reported:

January 6th - Greenwich, CT - I saw a bright object hovering outside my window that moved in a fashion unlike anything else I've seen

I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep, when I looked out into the horizon and notices two white lights hovering lower than planes would be. The two lights were coming from a single saucer-like object. The object did not move in a linear fashion at first; it was almost moving in small circles. After about 30 seconds it moved quickly to my left and disappeared into the sky. My neighbors have a small farm, which is rare for Greenwich, and the object seemed be hovering around their property.

January 9th - Southington, CT - UFO falling so fast, nothing would’ve could’ve stopped in time before ground contact.

Was traveling on Route 84 west, between exits 31 and 30, at 6:30am, when in front of me, off in the distance some three miles away one triangular shaped object (with three points aiming up) was descending rapidly straight down. It was bright white/silver thinking the sun was reflecting off of it. As it disappeared I expected a large sound thinking it was going to crash and explode. As I was driving on Route 84 towards where I figured it crashed. Kept looking for any orange glow and/or smoke but nothing. Tried to rationalize by thinking it was a satellite or other space debris. Nothing on the news.

January 12th - Storrs, CT - Disk with spokes of light

Circular disk angled with face visible from my perspective, illuminated with glowing pattern of lights spreading like spokes from the center. The lights pulsated red and green with the top section of spokes red and the bottom section green.

I was woken up by a sound like a helicopter and thought that’s what I was seeing, but it remained in the same relative place for some time and the lights did not behave like any aircraft I’ve seen before. It was reminiscent of a drone in some ways but definitely much larger.

January 21st - Brookfield, CT Dog barking at round white light with orange flame around it in evening sky for about 10 minutes.

It was a clear night with moon and stars. I was sitting on my front steps while my dogs were sniffing around in the front yard. One of the dogs started barking at the north eastern sky. I looked up and saw a cluster of round white lights with a wide orange circle around it, looked like a flame. My dog was barking like crazy and I called my husband to hurry and come out with his camera to see it. He took some pictures and some came out, but no orange flame. It looked like it was moving slowly to the east. After about 10 minutes the orange flame went out and there was just the cluster of round white lights.

I am emailing images. you need to blow them up to see anything. The one with the rings around it is closest to what we saw, except the outer ring was orange.

If you want latitude and longitude, look up the Brookfield high school, that would be close.

January 27th - Stamford, CT - I had been admiring an orange moon out my balcony window, when I noticed something floating and tumbling in the sky. At first I thought it was a runaway kite or balloon, until I noticed there was a duplicate shape alongside it. They seemed to have a reflective surface on them where only the outer edges could be seen. They would fly normally for a few seconds and then they would fly in a tumbling motion.

I grabbed my binoculars and when I looked at them they had very bright, but blurry white lights around them. However, when I looked up at them without the binoculars they didn’t seem to have the same bright lights at all, just enough reflection to see their shape. If I had to guess their altitude, I would say 3500-5000ft. and a few hundred feet apart from each other. But I could be wrong since I didn’t know what I was looking at or what their relative size was.

I’m an avid planes potter and usually watch planes through my binoculars. Planes that leave JFK or Newark are usually at 10,000-13,000ft. Incoming planes to White Plains airport, are usually 1800-2500ft, but much smaller jets. These UFO’s were in the same sky where I watch all the planes pass by, however according to my planefinder app, there were no planes over my place when I saw these objects. They made no noise and flew out of sight within 30 seconds, which makes me believe they were small. A regular jet, on a clear night, would stay in sight for a few mins.

January, 28th - Waterbury, CT - Formations started to come out in 2 directions from behind a mountain. Another formation of 3 were high, then descended and scrambled.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))

February 6th - Madison, CT - I was walking my dog on Middlebeach Road around 6:00am this morning, when I noticed what appeared to be a strange round cloud with a trail behind it. It appeared to to be leaving a trail behind it. It stood out because in the Eastern sky, the sun was rising and I had just taken a few Photos and videos of sunrise. It was 29 degrees, under partly cloudy skies .

A man happened to be jogging by me while I was seeing this and I stopped him to ask him what he thought it was. He was as perplexed as I was. I continued to photograph the object. It appeared to move extremely slowly and was leaving a cloud like trail behind it. There were no lights. There was no sound other than the sound of the water and at times I would seem to blend into the sky and then reappear. I would put the object somewhere over Long Island sound or over Nassau County, NY. I have at least 30 still shots taken with iPhone 10s Plus 256.

(NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with the witness, and he seemed to us to be quite sober-minded and eloquent. He occupies a very responsible job, and we suspect he is an exceptionally qualified, and reliable, witness. PD)

February 22nd - East Hartford, CT - Object was seen on Main Street in East Hartford, CT, above the city lights, large starlike bright light only shining in sky changed as it moved closer to large triangular lit aircraft with red and white lights at all 3 points, two bright white lights pointing forward on underside, when directly overhead the bottom appeared grid-like, slight humming sound, slow moving. I followed a distance from a distance. Noticed other red and white blinking aircraft at approximately same height but more distant. Continued to see one or more vehicles at a distance for about half an hour.

February 24th - North Branford, CT - Bright green slow flashes (2) one after another lasting 2-3 secs. through solid cloud deck. No aircraft heard in vicinity.

Walking while looking directly north (clouds deck overhead no visibility of stars) first one slow 2 to 3 sec flash GREEN like maybe a meteor, but extremely bright to be able to see thru clouds, followed by a second slow 2-3 sec flash of equal brightness.

Best guess 2 green meteors coming down. Both were lighting the sky from horizon up to 60' above north horizon and from northwest to northeast expansion. No sound or blast wave followed. But they did look close to be so bright through a solid cloud deck. I was standing just 50 yards north of highway 80 and totoket road intersection walking north in RV park. I am a pilot and amatuer astronomer and well versed in sky phenomenon. I only saw the flashes which were green and lit up the cloud deck above me as described above. No other visible indications. I waited but nothing followed. I can say by the color of flash etc... it was not a ground vehicle lights or any ground based lights causing this. Nothing to north but trees and countryside.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))

March 3rd - Killingworth, CT - 2 bright greenish flashes illuminated the entire area greenish light. Second flash was very alarming and unnatural giving all three of us in vehicle a panicked bracing for impact feeling. No sounds at all heard. Silent

March 11th - Newington, CT - MADAR Node 106 - MADAR is a way to detect "events." Read more about it here. 

March 17th - Newington, CT - MADAR Node 106

This is happening above your head, all around you and to people you know. It's been happening for years and it's real. I don't know what it is but I know that there are people who are all to eager, all to willing to work hard to explain it away. We need to get organized. Call me, we'll talk aliens.

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