By now, you have, of course heard that Joe Girardi was let go by the New York Yankees. Here are my 10 reasons why this is a terrible idea: 

10 - Timing - Anyone who says that changing the manager going into a year where a bunch of babies will be EXPECTED to win the whole thing is a good idea should be institutionalized.
9 - Joe managed the circus for 10 years - Girardi dealt with unprecedented stupidity during his tenure. From the A-Rod B.S. everyday, to having to bat Jeter 2nd when he was obviously a number 8 at the end to the "Jeets" farewell tour, to bringing up a whole new crop of kids. I cannot think of any manger in my lifetime that put up with what Joe had to.
8 - It's just like Showalter/Torre - Nope, it's not. This is a whole different era, that decision at the time was a huge risk that happened to work out. It will likely not work that way again.
7 - Consistency at the top - Between Girardi, Torre and Showalter, the Yanks have had three managers in a quarter century. Before that it was a new manager every year dating back to the the late 1970's and that's not an exaggeration but a fact.
6 - Girardi was the right kind of cold - Many fans think that he was like a robot. That's called being "even" and "reliable" where I am from. These kids on the team don't need a hug or a safe space they need a consistent message and an occasional kick in the ass.
5 - Expectations exceeded - The over/under number on Yankee wins for the regular season this year was 80. He took THAT team 1 game from the World Series
4 - He did not lose the team games - With the obvious exception of the review blunder he did his job in this regard. That really is one of the major things a manager needs to do is not "F" it up. Baseball managing is not like football coaching. If you are going to be a winner in baseball it's because you have the horses and the manager does not break anything.
3 - Joe pushed all the right buttons - If I was managing this team Chase Headley would not have been on the post season roster. Joe got so much out of him and others by pushing the right buttons.
2 - Loyalty - Where is it?
1 - Whose next? - There is no one that is available who is better than Joe Girardi and is a realistic replacement.


Terry "Tito" Francona - Not coming here

Mike Scioscia - Not coming here

Joe Torre - I'm not kidding, yes, I know he is old but no one is asking him to play in the games. He has to manage the team, the media, win rings and cry. Sadly, that will not happen.

Joe Madden - This is not a "dream" for me. Most people think he's a genius. I do not see it. The guy wears glasses and acts like he invented the "shift." He did not invent it, it was around before him. It's used so frequently now, batters are taught on how to combat it. One day we will remember this the way we remember the "Wildcat" offense in the NFL. Also, Madden is not coming here.

Buck Showalter - Not a crazy idea, not a bad idea. He is also not coming here.


Don Mattingly - I know people want "Donnie Baseball" to get his shot. I get it, Don Mattingly was my hero as a kid. He is not better than Girardi and he will not get his shot this time around either. IF he was ever to get a shot to manage the Yankees, now would be the best time to set him up for success.

Willie Randolph - I love Willie, I liked him as Mets manager. He had a weird run there because of Omar Minaya. I think he is better than his record reflects but he is NOT better than Joe. He is also not going to get the job.

Tony Pena - Love Tony, I really do, not qualified, not going to be offered the job.


Kevin Long - Kevin was a good hitting coach for the Yanks, is the hitting coach with the Mets. He has a great reputation throughout baseball. Kevin's name has been floated for a lot of vacancies. BLAH BLAH, NEW VOICE IN LOCKER ROOM, BLAH BLAH.

Al Pedrique - Al is the manager of the AAA Yankee affiliate in Scranton/Wilkes Barre. He has managed Sanchez, Judge, Frazier etc. He has experience with all the young guys and is big on analytics. I think this is likely where the Yankees are going. Remember that I said this because this is the next Yankee Manager.

I want people to keep something in mind. The Yankees over the last quarter century have been managed by three men; Joe Girardi, Joe Torre and Buck Showalter. Before that it went like this:

90-91 - Stump Merrill

89-90 - Bucky Dent

89 - Dallas Green

88 - Lou Pinella

88 - Billy Martin

86-87 - Lou Pinella

85 - Billy Martin

84-85 - Yogi Berra

83 - Billy Martin

82 - Clyde King

82 - Gene Michael

81-82 - Bob Lemon

81 - Gene Michael

80 - Dick Howser

79 - Billy Martin

78-79 - Bob Lemon

78 - Dick Howser

75-78 Billy Martin..........I think you get the point. There was no stability at the top for years with the Yankees. Then we got spoiled for 25 years. I bring this up because it is where this is going.

Sure the Yankee job looks desirable at first glance. Young talent coming off an unexpected run to the ALCS. Sounds great right? Look closer, whoever comes in HAS to win and fast. If they don't, gone in two years, replacement probably has two years to get it done and on and on.

"Be careful what you wish for." "The devil you know, is better than the devil you don't." These sayings apply here. This is self sabotage. This is terrible, I hate it, it's stupid, it's not well thought out. Are we clear?




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