Quick, name a celebrity that was born here in Connecticut? Seth McFarlane, Meg Ryan, Katharine Hepburn, Michael Bolton, and George W. Bush are the first ones that pop into my mind. There are tons of celebrities who actually reside here, but I started thinking about the Connecticut-born ones, not just the transplants. I did a quick search, and with a big helping hand from Wikipedia, found that there were quite a few that I had no idea that they were actually born in Connecticut. Here's 10 celebrities of varying degrees (Yeah, I know, celebrity is a loose term) that I thought you might get a kick out of knowing they were maybe born in the same hospital as you.

10 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Born in Connecticut

I hope you enjoyed the gallery of Connecticut homeboys and girls, and just because, enjoy the brilliance of Terryville's Ted Knight in Caddyshack

Famous Musicians From CT


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