I do this every year, it changes a bit each year but it's always awesome. If these songs do not put you in the XMAS spirit then you don't have any.

#10 - Mariah Carey - "All I Want for Christmas is You" - In her only positive contribution to society Mariah Carey put out this instant classic in 1994.

#9 - Everclear - "I Will Be Hating You for Christmas" - This was a hidden track on Everclear's 1997 album "So Much For the Afterglow."

#8 - Bob & Doug Mackenzie - "Take Off" - Bob & Doug are fictional characters that debuted on Canadian TV in 1980 for a sketch comedy show. Bob & Doug were played by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas. The two put out "The Great White North" comedy album in 1982. The album features some Christmas songs. This song is not really a XMAS song. It's my favorite song on a comedy album that features XMAS songs. Meditate on that.

#7 - Run DMC - "XMAS in Hollis" - I guarantee there are rappers out there today who could not do this song successfully at Karaoke night.

#6 - The Waitresses - "Christmas Wrapping" - Just a great song, no question about it.

#5 - "Baby it's Cold Outside" - Any version of it that is old. Any version that is not P.C. People are too sensitive and read too much into everything. This is on the list just to be defiant. It also happens to be a really pretty song.

#4 - Band Aid - "Do They Know it's Christmas Time" - All the biggest music stars of the 1980's got together on this one. In hindsight, it's a reminder that you don't know how good you have it until much later. There were some great musicians on this one.

#3 - Bing Crosby & David Bowie - "Little Drummer Boy" - If you don't like this song I suggest you gather your things and exit out society.

#2 - Eagles - "Please Come Home for Christmas" - The definition of a beautiful song. I believe it was my #1 last year. Things change.

#1 - Vince Guaraldi Trio - "Christmas Time is Here" - You, probably like most people call it the Charlie Brown XMAS song because that is what it is. I've fallen in love with all things Charlie Brown all over again. When my daughter was born in February my wife and I made a pact. We would not put ourselves through what we did with our other kids. We were not going to expose them to sub par or terrible kids entertainment like we did the first time around. No Barney, no Caillou, no Wiggles, no Teletubbies, none of that crap. We did it with the older kids out of laziness. When the kids were fussy, throw on some kids garbage. As any parent knows that comes back to bite you. The kid gets hooked and you end up having to watch it all the time. This time around with the baby we have only been doing high quality Disney movies and rock blocks of Charlie Brown movies, shows and music. I'm all in. It's kept my daughters attention, made me nostalgic in the best way possible and reminded me that people used to put thought and care in their work. Charlie Brown and his whole universe are more than OK in my book.



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