According to Frontiers in Psychology, 1 in every 22 people are Psychopaths. Furthermore, radio host is one of the top jobs for psychos.

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The study is actually used and complied data from fifteen different studies on the matter. The article says the point of the study was to "systematically and meta-analytically review the scientific literature on the prevalence of psychopathy in the general adult population."

But its results are not looking so good for me or you depending on your job. They say one in every twenty two people can be categorized as a Psychopath and radio host was #3 on the list of the top jobs for psychos. Radio host only came in behind CEO and lawyer which is painful to read.

What are some other professions where you are likely to run into a Psychopath? Some  of the rest of the Top 10 were:

  • Salesperson
  • Politician
  • Chef
  • Surgeon
  • Journalist

Listen, anyone who voluntarily shouts their opinion on every matter into a microphone is suspect, I get it. There is nothing not crazy about my job. You can't know enough about every topic to develop a safe, fair, adult opinion in a split second, and yet it's never stopped me from trying.

I do find solace in one thing I know to be true. I've met people in my business that are actually more of a train-wreck than I am. I could tell you the stories but it's just not fair to them. This is an industry loaded with a wide variety of bruised pears.

P.S. I'm making fun of myself, not minimizing real emotional health problems, if you took anything else from this, you are a psycho.

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