Just to recap a few things that Rob Gronkowski did yesterday at the Super Bowl Parade in Boston. We know he:

  • Spiked beer cans from his duck boat during the parade.
  • Started a boo chant for Roger Goodell at the rally.
  • Explained that he did not even want to party but had to do it for the fans who were going "ham."
  • Generally had a good ole' meathead time.

The guy is electric. If I had a chance to party with one athlete in all of the sports world I would choose Rob Gronkowski without blinking. I would eventually regret the decision. The fact is there is no volume button on him, you can't stop him from dancing and he is going to pour a beer on your head at some point. Knowing all that, I would still have to go. Here he is spiking beers off the float.

Here he is drinking a beer.

Getty Images

Here he is dancing.

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Before I die, I have to know what this woman is saying to him. She is no doubt telling him to tone it down and he is no doubt ignoring her. Just brilliant stuff. Congratulations Rob. You brought me joy for the 4,000 time.