Plans for this weekend?

Cannabis. It's big business. Consider the fact that there is a Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo association, as well as an International Cannabis Association, and you'll be made very aware that as more legalization occurs across the country, business is "growing."

According to, the World Cannabis Expo is underway in New York City. Hundreds of companies are participating, hoping to cash in as more states legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use.

Keep this in mind, you're not able to buy pot at the expo, but there are lots of interesting gadgets, including a vaporizer with pretend marijuana pods that look like the ones you put in your coffee machine. There are also specialized vacuum sealers to keep pot fresh, plus oils, edibles and vaping devices. The World Cannabis Expo runs through June 18, and is an annual event in New York City, so start planning for next year. Business is booming.

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