Aside from those who lamented about the lack of a white Christmas, the common consensus has been that we've been fortunate with the mild weather this winter.

Well, according to the National Weather Service, the jig is up.

A hazardous weather outlook has been issued for Connecticut and many areas throughout the east coast. There is a strong possibility of a winter storm arriving late Friday night and continuing through most of the day on Saturday. Accuweather says that this major storm can affect more than 50 million people.

Many weather outlets have advised not to cancel any plans just yet, but have said that a large, low-pressure system will contain plenty of moisture to produce heavy snow. The magnitude of the storm will depend on the system's track. If the track stays on course, winds will increase, snow will drift, and we may be on the brink of an all out blizzard.

Have you taken this streak of mild weather for granted? Or are you prepared to be a "Rider on the Storm?"