This is a sight that I miss!

I spent my formative years in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Yes, the wind did come sweeping down the plain, and the waving wheat sure did smell sweet, smart ass. But the smell coming out of the Waffle House was much sweeter. If you've never been to one, God, I feel bad for you. We have some great eateries here in CT, with an incredible array of pretty much every food imaginable, but no Waffle Houses! In fact, after a quick search, the closest one is near Scranton, PA. I do understand that real estate is a bit more expensive in this part of the country, and they are a mostly Southern US business, but if you're already in PA, come up a little further buddy! GET IN ME BELLY!!!

The obvious draw to Waffle House is, of course, the waffles. they're divine. But the real best thing about them is their hash browns. I dream of these things. You can order them covered with an assortment of wonderful accessories, like bacon, sausage, mushrooms, ham. The way you order them is unique: Covered, scattered, capped, etc. God, they're delicious. A few years ago, Mrs. Large and I took a drive down to Virginia. As we made our way into Maryland, just over the border from Jersey, the big yellow signs started appearing. It was like a pavlovian response from me, I started drooling. She looked at me as I was spewing out every great obscenity that I could think of: "Holy _______!!! There's a _____WAFFLE HOUSE! ____ me, I haven't eaten that ____ in years!"  So, we pulled over and ate our faces off, it was one of the most memorable meals we've ever had.

So, in conclusion. We desperately need Waffle Houses in the Northeast. I'm Large Dave, and I approve this message.