Sometimes listeners mistake me for a meteorologist. Do I look like Willard Scott? The question I always get is, "What's up with this weather?"Here's the deal. It's a weather freak fest out there! According to meteorologist, Domenica Davis, from, we here in the northeast are suffering from what is called an 'Alberta Clipper System,' which is a pile of freezing cold air with high winds accompanied by light snow that originates from Alberta, Canada. 

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According to Accuweather long range forecaster, meteorologist, Paul Pastelok, the Alberta Clipper weather will move out in mid April and make way for spring transition weather with temperatures between 55 and 65 beginning around April 12. We'll see temps in the low 60's from about April 17 thru April 23. Keep in mind these are only predictions.

For the next week or two, temps will begin to rise slowly but surely, but the overnight temps will still be in the mid 20's to mid 30's. According to, temperatures will begin a slide upward during the second week in May from the mid 60's to lower 70's. 

Here comes the GOOD NEWS! Beginning around the middle of June, temperatures will begin to transistion from the mid 70's into the low 80's and into the mid 80's close to the July 4 weekend. Just remember, the farther out the weather prediction, the greater chance for inaccuracy. But in the meantime, Whoooooo, PARTY BARGE HERE WE COME!

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