There is nothing more American and awesome for a man or lady than to drive a truck. It makes you feel powerful. Trucks ride high on the road, trucks put you in a great position to solve problems, and trucks, in most cases, are equipped with four-wheel drive. The truck -- especially the American truck -- is an extension of you. It's durability on wheels.

This is going to be a town by town question. I am starting with New Milford, because if you live in New Milford, and don't own a truck, you just left New Milford.

I have never understood the Chevy v. Ford rivalry. In fact, I have made fun of it. I have always maintained that if you have a Calvin, from "Calvin and Hobbes" pissing on a motor vehicle logo sticker, you are a psycho-loser. I have changed my mind.

This passion comes from the men who work for a living. They are contractors, builders, framers, plumbers, roofers, painters, etc. These are our friends and family that make s--t happen for us. They rely on their trucks everyday.

What truck do you all rely on? New Milford, it is your turn. I am certain you have an opinion because I have seen and heard you all express that opinion, unsolicited. Is it Ford or Chevy?