One of the things I looked forward to most when I was a kid was peeking into the living room before the sun came up on Christmas morning and seeing all the wrapped presents under the tree. Yes, like you, I searched through the house weeks before Xmas trying to find those special packages that my mom and dad so carefully tried to hide.According to the  Daily Mail, a survey conducted by Debenhams, a large department store in the United Kingdom, 9 out of 10 parents still hide their children's presents on the top of a tall cupboard or under a bed. Booooriiing!

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Here are some creative, and quite possibly more effective locations to hide those Xmas presents thanks to

1. YOUR UNDERWEAR DRAWER: Trust me on this one. No kid wants to look into their mom's underwear drawer, or possibly worse, dad's underwear drawer!

2. THE GARBAGE: Buy a large black garbage pail, stash it in the garage and then stash the packages inside. Make sure you don't leave that garbage pail out for the refuse collector and try not to throw dirty baby diapers or the remnants of a 3 week old spiral ham into "present stash."

3. LAUNDRY HAMPER: You may have to go out and purchase a big ass hamper so you're able to stuff packages on the bottom and then throw some dirty laundry over the top. You're almost guaranteed that the kids won't even come within 5 feet of the "dirty laundry."

4. CREEPY PLACES: Thanks to for this gem! They suggest you hide presents under the stairs where a family of spiders might be living or maybe a crawl space in the attic. Any place around the house where a meerkat could appear from out of nowhere would work.

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5. VIDEO CAMERA: Threaten the kids by saying you're recording their every movement in the house with a hidden camera. Just hope you don't catch your 16 year old daughter making out with her college boyfriend or worse.

6. HOME SECURITY DOOR SENSOR: Here's the ultimate OCD solution to keep your snotty kids from snooping around looking for presents. Add a home security door sensor to the closet that's attempting to hide the presents. When your greedy little kids open the door, you'll get a text message from your home security company. Busted!!

Or you could go a simpler route and store the gifts at a neighbors. So, fess up! Where do you hide your Xmas presents from the kids?

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