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Once I see all of the American Flags on the poles up and down Route 25 in Brookfield I can't help but smile and think Summer is on it's way!

I love this wonderful "local" tradition. Once all of those flags go up I can't drive Whisconier Road and not SMILE large!

First of all it just makes my heart swell with pride.

Second of all when you commute a lot- something that can give you a big smile is so very important-good for the soul!

Third, we've gotten a bit of a "Summertime tease" in Spring, weather wise and so even when slightly cooler temps return as they inevitably do the flags still make me think about :

  • Memorial Day
  • Sitting poolside working on my tan
  • Getting my "Lazy On"
  • Longer Days turning into still sunlit Nights
  • Bare legs and flip flops
  • Vodka Watermelon
  • Parties on my deck
  • ....fell free to add your thoughts in!

And as a last parting about rocking out to Y & T  "Summertime Girls" - it ALWAYS makes me smile too!