So where did baseball's hit king wander off to?One minute Pete Rose is the "breakout star" of Fox's panel of baseball analysts, and before you can watch the Mets second basemen, Daniel Murphy, boot another grounder, Rose disappears! I can't buy into AP sportswriter, Tim Dahlburg calling Rose "a breakout star."

C'mon Pete, sit up straight and stop trying to be funny!

Rumors were flying all over Twitter as to why Rose disappeared, but as it turns out, the truth was simple. Rose told the Associated Press he had obligations that included a dinner, speech, and scheduled autograph signings.  He told the AP, "I had previous things I had scheduled a long time ago and I forgot to put the World Series dates on my calendar." 

Rose had worked as a Fox studio analyst for most of the baseball season, but gained some extra notoriety when the World Series kicked in. To me, Rose came across as that crazy uncle that everyone has in the family. He told the AP, "I was like a creeper or something." He was mixing it up with baseball great, Frank Thomas, who was also on the panel and seemed to enjoy getting into playful verbal battles with Rose. Here's the video that set Twitter on fire.

Fox recently issued a statement that they looked forward to having Rose back again next season. Rose recently met with new Baseball Commissioner, Rob Manfred to discuss his appeal for reinstatement. The Commissioner promised Rose a decision by the end of this year.

So, what did you think of Pete Rose's performance on the Fox panel of analysts? Personally, if I'm watching the pre-game show, I'm looking to the analysts for their expertise and opinions on the game, not watching some clown trying to be funny. Your thoughts?

Pete Rose - Credit Getty Images

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